Sarah Fisher




Sarah Fisher is a TellingtonTTouch Instructor, dog trainer, horse trainer and canine and equine behaviour counsellor/advisor. She has worked with dogs for over twenty years.  She is experienced with a wide range of breed types and teaches staff workshops for many of the UK’s animal shelters including Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, the Mayhew Animal Home, and Dogs Trust. She has worked in Europe teaching staff workshops for shelters including SPCA Malta, GIA (Romania) and has taught in Holland, Greece, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, South Africa, Ireland, Romania and Poland as well as lecturing at dog training and behaviour seminars in the UK. She also conducts temperament and behaviour assessments for private clients, dog shelters and court cases.


Sarah works with private clients including those on referral from shelters and veterinary surgeons, and lectures around the UK and internationally. She has given talks, demonstrations and workshops on the TellingtonTTouch and the link between posture and behaviour for a variety of organisations including the Kennel Club (Crufts and Discover Dogs), the United Kingdom Register of Canine Behaviourists, the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, the British Veterinary Nurses Congress, British Veterinary Nurses CPD courses, assistance dog organisations, Wagtail Ltd (search dogs) the Association of Dogs and Cats Homes and physiotherapy conferences. Sarah is a regular speaker at the Dog Bite Prevention Conference and the International Companion Animal Welfare Conference, and teaches a low-stress handling module on the Dogs Trust International Training Programme.


Sarah is the author of Unlock Your Dog’s Potential and co-author of 100 Ways to Train the Perfect Dog and 100 Ways to Solve Your Dogs Problems, all published by David and Charles Ltd and co-author of The Difficult Horse and The Healthy Donkey published by The Crowood Press Ltd. She has contributed articles to many national magazines including Your Dog, Your Horse, Horse and Rider, Dogs Monthly, Our Dogs, and Dogs Today as well as many other international