Patrick O’Hara



Patrick has 17 years experience in Policing and has worked in a variety of operational roles across London. In 2014 he became the Met's lead on dangerous dogs as head of the Status Dog Unit. With strategic and operational oversight of all dog cases (including welfare) which come to Police notice in London, Patrick has transformed the way dog incidents are dealt with in the Capital by taking complete ownership of every case from start to finish. Under his leadership, and with no additional resources the Status Dog Unit has managed a 16% increase in seizures alongside a 22% budget reduction. Patrick has centralised the evidential review process with a specialist Dog Legislation Supervisor underwriting every charging decision, delivered greater consistency in outcomes and satisfaction to victims, along with increasing by 30% the number of cases proceeded with. Working with Crown Prosecutors and Her Majesties’ Court Service, Patrick led the project to implement a dedicated London-wide Dangerous Dog and Animal Welfare Court in 2016 speeding up access to justice which now reports over 80% of London’s dog crime being dealt with (including sentence) at the first hearing. Having introduced a bespoke computerised case management system and working closely with other criminal justice partners on a London wide level Patrick has been able to reduce the number of dogs in long term kennelling by nearly 50% and is expected to deliver savings in the region of £3.2M by 2019.


Patrick is the regional lead on the National Police Chiefs Council Dangerous Dogs Working Group for the Metropolitan Police, City of London, Thames Valley, Hampshire and British Transport. As the national single point of contact for Royal Mail, Patrick provides a monthly quality assurance check on serious cases of dog attacks on postal workers throughout England and Wales including co-ordination, intervention and support where required. Patrick represented the NPCC in giving evidence at a Parliamentary Inquiry into Animal Welfare & Domestic Pets held by the Environmental Food and Rural Affairs sub-committee.