Mel Rushmore



Mel has been involved with canine welfare for over thirty years initially working with German Shepherd Rescue and Northern Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue before founding the The Bull Breed Advisory Service.


During this time, she has been involved in the successful rehabilitation and re homing of well over a thousand dogs who were abandoned or unwanted and those which have been abused or have behavioural problems.  She has also provided support and advice to several thousand dog owners as well as to many other organisations concerning the laws appertaining to dogs including advising owners on whether registration was required when the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 came into force.  She is also the behavioural consultant for The Bullmastiff Welfare Association as well as several other organizations in a voluntary capacity.


Since 1991 and the inception of the Dangerous Dogs Act she has worked extensively with the Police, Local Authorities, Legal Representatives, the Courts and the public on the wording and implementation of the Act and has assisted and advised on the exemption procedure regarding dogs covered by Section One of the act since its amendment in 1997, being involved in many hundreds of cases throughout the UK.


She regularly works with both prosecuting authorities and defence lawyers and have been instructed by both to conduct behavioural, psychological and type assessments to assist the court, as well as to make comment regarding aggressive incidents in Section 3 Dangerous Dogs Act and Section 2 1871 Dogs Act cases.


She provides a free 24-hour helpline covering all aspects of responsible dog ownership including suitable housing, loss and theft prevention, behavioural issues, General health advice, puppy socialisation, and the suitability of breeds to the potential owners environment, as well as the legal responsibility of dog ownership to the owners of all breeds of dog.