Doglaw Seminars

What Every Responsible Dog Owner Needs To Know

Presented by Solicitor Trevor Cooper, this c.3 1/2 hrs seminar is a wide-ranging mix of legal issues that are important to dog owners, including:


  • Rights and Responsibilities when buying and selling dogs
  • Liability (both Civil and Criminal) for dogs that harm people and animals (including the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991)
  • Identification requirements / the legal implications of microchipping
  • Noise nuisance
  • Public Spaces Protection Orders
  • Community Protection Notices
  • Breed Specific Legislation
  • Cruelty / Duty of Care

…and much, much more!


These are aimed at entertaining the audience as well as to inform and the feedback we receive from these talks is consistently positive. No prior legal knowledge is required so come along and learn!!


These seminars are organised by Doglaw Ltd which is a separate organisation to Cooper & Co and they can be contacted on 01227 469 603.


Click here to be taken to for more information. If you can't find a seminar that's taking place close to you, then you could perhaps consider becoming a host yourself! Speak to Tracy for more information.