Carolyn Menteith



Carolyn is a dog trainer and behaviour consultant with over 20 years experience working with animals, the last 15 of which she has spent specialising solely in dogs – in particular companion dogs, rescue dogs and puppies.


Carolyn is a Kennel Club Accredited Instructor (CDA) plus holds the Centre of Applied Pet Ethology (COAPE) Diploma in Animal Behaviour (DipCAPT). She is also an Accredited Animal Behaviourist and Trainer (ABTC), and a fully accredited member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, the Pet Professional Guild and INTODogs (also Co-Chair).


She won the inaugural Kennel Club Accredited Instructor of the Year award presented at Crufts 2015


Carolyn has written four published books (The Dog Manual (Haynes), The Dog (Haynes), Beautiful Dogs (Ivy Press), and The 4 Paw Plan (also translated as 4 PatiEgitimSistemi in Turkey), has written for national dog magazines in all aspects of training, behaviour, welfare and care since 1999 (over 500 published articles). In addition she has compiled and written a professional template for trap, neuter, return schemes to manage street dog populations internationally based on a project in Romania by Dogs Trust and Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. This has been translated into various languages.


As a combined project with the Kennel Club and Dogs Trust she has developed and written The Puppy Plan, a socialisation programme for puppies in their first 16 weeks to help improve their behaviour later in life. This has been implemented both nationally and internationally.


Carolyn continues to work with dogs and their owners, and also to teach and give seminars on training and behaviour both nationally and internationally to owners, trainers and for professional CPD. She is a regular speaker at animal welfare conferences such as the International Companion Animal Welfare Conference and the Association of Dogs and Cats Homes conference. Carolyn works with a variety of welfare organisations, and also works as an expert witness in cases where a dog’s behaviour or training is called into question.


In addition, Carolyn has a media background, and can be heard regularly on radio programmes as a dog expert (including as presenter and anchor for live interview shows for Talk Radio Europe), and has appeared as a presenter and expert on TV programmes and series’ such as Top Dog (Animal Planet), What’s Up Dog? (Carlton TV), Celebrity Dog School (BBC1 for Children in Need), Barking Babes (Granada), The Money Programme (BBC) and many others.


In other media work, Carolyn has:

  • written and presented a series of dog training videos for Dogs Trust
  • written and presented Dogs Trust’s app ‘You and Your Puppy from Dogs Trust’
  • written and presented a series of videos for Ceva for use on their website to educate owners and other professionals understand behaviour and training issues
  • presented videos on canine behaviour for Pettura
  • presented and complied a series of videos for Breakthrough dog food that explores the links between diet and behaviour
  • written and presented a series of canine behaviour webinars for Dog Law to educate professionals
  • works with Media Counsellors on communications training for executives and spokespeople