How we can help

Telephone advice – free

(This is only applicable to allegations that you have a suspected dangerous dog – either because it is alleged to have acted dangerously or if it is suspected of being a dangerous dog / unlawful type)

We are happy to provide you with preliminary telephone Doglaw advice in the following situations:-

  • If your dog has been seized by the Police or the Council
  • If you are facing an investigation by the Police or the Council, or
  • If you anticipate you will face an investigation, or
  • If proceedings have already been issued, or
  • If it is subject to an appeal;

But free preliminary telephone advice is ONLY available if the case is (or is likely to be) under any of the following:-

Call us on 01304 755 557 during normal office hours and we would be happy to help (unless there is a conflict of interest). If no-one is available please leave a message and your call will be returned as soon as possible.

Telephone advice – chargeable

We cannot offer everything for free! Whilst we are happy to provide free advice in some criminal cases (see above for the kind of cases where we are happy to offer free advice) for all other situations, including all civil cases (apart from section 2 of the Dogs Act 1871 and 4B of the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991), we charge for telephone advice. The kind of cases this applies to will include:-

  • Ownership / access disputes (‘custody’) cases
  • Claims (+ defending claims) for compensation
  • Dog on animal incidents
  • Contract disputes
  • Disputes between buyers and sellers
  • Noise nuisance
  • Community Protection Notices
  • Dog Control Orders / Public Spaces Protection Orders

Our Doglaw Adviceline can be reached on 0906 515 1108. This is a premium rate telephone call and so our charges are incorporated into the cost of the call. This line is generally open during normal office hours and calls are charged at £1.55 per minute plus your telephone network access charge. It might be possible to obtain free advice from an alternative legal services provider. Under the terms of our authority from PhonePayPlus the call can last no longer than 20 minutes.


Alternatively, if you’d prefer a fixed price telephone call we are happy to offer this by prior arrangement for £30 + VAT for up to 20 minutes. Call us on 01304 755 557 to make an appointment. Before the call commences, we would need you to send us identification by email and make an advance payment by debit or credit card.

Fixed price interviews

Sometimes a telephone call just isn’t enough and you need to meet with us face to face for a consultation. This is likely to be particularly important for:-

By prior appointment, we would be happy to meet with you at our offices in Whitfield for a fixed fee of £120 + VAT (for up to an hour consultation). Normally, we can see you the next working day so don’t be concerned that an appointment is going to be a long time in the future – we fully appreciate that you don’t want to wait! Sometimes this can even be arranged for a weekend if you have work commitments during the week.


Call us on 01304 755 557 to make an appointment. Before the meeting can be confirmed, we would need you to send us identification by email and make an advance payment by debit or credit card.


If you want us to come to you, or perhaps you would prefer to have a meeting via Skype, either would be possible but we would need to discuss an individual price.

Representation at a Police / Council interview

We do not undertake publicly funded work. Therefore, whilst we can arrange for a representative to be with you during an interview we do make a charge. Call us on 0304 755 557 to check if we can help and to confirm the cost.

Acting for you (including representation at Court)

If you want us to act for you in a civil or criminal case we will explain to you our hourly charges, provide an estimate of fees and indicate what disbursements (payments to others) are anticipated. To confirm your instructions we will ask you to provide identification and we will then be able to take a payment on account (by cheque, bank transfer or debit/credit card).


As the case proceeds, we may ask you for additional payments on account from time to time.


It is sometimes possible for us to agree a fixed fee with you and we will explain if this is possible in your particular case.